Noble Aerial Photography

My name is Lawrence D. Noble and I live in Southeast Washington State.  
I started flying and taking pictures about 12 years ago.  I was fortunate in that technology was booming and small electric motors and Lithium batteries were becoming common.  I built my own plane with a 54" wingspan using foam and an electric motor.  I mounted a Pentax S5i (5 megapixel) camera on the fuselage and started flying and taking pictures.  I started my website to display my pictures.  Because of new FAA regulations my flying has been put temporarily on hold.
I became more interested in photography and started taking land based pictures also.  I have always liked Sony cameras so I bought a Sony A57  DSLR (16 MP) and subsequently a Sony Nex 5N DSLR (16 MP).  These cameras are capable of using older Minolta lenses , among others.  So the primary lenses I use are the kit lenses that came with both cameras (18-55mm), Minolta MD 50 f1.4, Minolta AF 70-210 f4 (affectionally called the Beer Can lens), Minolta AF 50 f1.7, and my newest lens Minolta AF 100 f2.8.  The Beer can lens is the most impressive but they are all great lenses.
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